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Bill Dolan
SAML not working with 64bit clients
February 14, 2013 5:44 PM

Bill Dolan

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We have deployed the saml portlet and use Liferay as IDP for another of our applications. Very simple and easy to use. Works great from XP.

A user recently upgraded to Windows7 and SSO does not work for them. The browser opens the new window, we see the assertion passed (and its contents are identical to XP machine), but final login is never competed. Browser just times out. Happens in IE8, FF18, and Chrome. Only commonality is Windows 7. We have tried several suggested security policy and internet options changes. We even ran it from inside WindowsXP Mode (Virtual PC) to no avail.

I am hoping maybe somebody here has run in to this and maybe has a silver bullet for me to slay this monster.

I also tested this on MAC OSX Lion. It has the same symptoms. I am starting to think its related to 64 bit OS.

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