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richard naoufal
customizing Calendar events
February 11, 2013 2:16 PM

richard naoufal

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One of my needs to have a customized calendar. the need is to have a customized event :

  • Possibility one : Is it possible to adapt the "Event" structure that is : changing the fields of the Event structure to have it stick to my needs ? is it possible to make the event follow a workflow ? the event would be set in a calendar and would have several workflow stages.
  • Possibility two : Is it possible for an article to be handled by the calendar as an event ? for instance if an article implements the event interface (is it technically possible to do that ? ) it could be displayed in a calendar and i could have it follow a workflow which would answer the need.
  • Possibility three : Keep the out of the box calendar and the event as they are and attach to the event an article that would have additional fields and would follow a workflow ? this one seems to be the fastest solution but is it possible ? having an article pointing to a calendar event and having it managing all the functional aspects is a good idea but is it possible ?

If you have met this problem before or something similar i am really interested, if you think there is no way to do it unless developing my own calendar portlet tell my about it, i am inerested in points of views...

Thank you !