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Raghu k
Issues with service builder with 2 entities
February 7, 2013 9:55 AM

Raghu k

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Hi All,
I am facing one issue with service builder which had 2 entities. Can anyone help in this.
My friend has created a service builder with one entity [say ABC] and with a package of com.mywork.cwc.webleads. This table has a reference to external data source.And this was working fine.
Later I added one more entity [say XYZ]to this under same package and namespace but without any data source as i want to store data in liferay's DB. My table has composite primary key. When I build service.xml, my table specific classes are generated.
But with my build, it has modified below methods(methods in bold) of These method's return type is changed. Also i found few changes in ABCLocalServiceClpInvoker. This is causing compilation issue in ABCLocalServiceClpInvoker.
Below code from ABCLocalServiceClpInvoker which is causing compilation issues. Issues with return types.

if (_methodName2.equals(name) &&
Arrays.deepEquals(_methodParameterTypes2, parameterTypes)) {
return ABCLocalServiceUtil.deleteABC(((Integer)arguments[0]).intValue());

if (_methodName3.equals(name) &&
Arrays.deepEquals(_methodParameterTypes3, parameterTypes)) {
return ABCLocalServiceUtil.deleteABC(([0]);

if (_methodName4.equals(name) &&
Arrays.deepEquals(_methodParameterTypes4, parameterTypes)) {
return ABCLocalServiceUtil.dynamicQuery();