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Dominique Ebert
Work with Asset in Workflows
February 7, 2013 6:22 AM

Dominique Ebert

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Hey everybody.
I got the following case: In my workflow I want the reviewer to actually _do_ something with the asset he is reviewing. For example he has to put the user into a group before he can pass the user to the next workflow step. I found out how to create conditions, so I can check wether the reviewer did what he was supposed to and may send the asset back to him if the user doesnt have a group after he passed him. But how to I implement the functionality to allocate him to a group? In the "My workflow tasks" there is not much to see but the asset preview and the actions + the transitions. So the where can I implement the functionality to actually allocate the user to a group? My "dream" imagination is somethin like this:

Reviewer see's he has a new user to review.
He goes to the my-workflow tasks portlet, and checks the user.
The user is okay, and he wants to allocate him to a group. So he uses a dropdown that contains the groups, selects the according group and presses a "allocate" button or smth.
Then hes able to pass the asset to the next workflow step.

How and where would you implement such functionality? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance! emoticon

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