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Gnaniyar Zubair
Custom Attributes Hidden Field
February 6, 2013 3:48 AM

Gnaniyar Zubair

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I have created hidden custom fields for user and added in my create_account.jsp file using this tag :

<liferay-ui:custom-attribute className="<%=User.class.getName() %>" classPK="<%= 0 %>" editable="true" label="true" name="Account For"></liferay-ui:custom-attribute>

As i dont want to display for users, i have set it as hidden. But I need to send the values from create_account.jsp file based on some criteria.
I tried like this in jquery :

$('input[name*="Account For"]').val("Owner");

But above custom field is not stored in ExpandoValue table. I thought if we set custom attribute in hidden mode, liferay tag will generate the field with type = "hidden" .

If custom field is in "hidden" mode, cant we send the value from jsp ?

Any idea why it is not stored in table?

- Gnaniyar Zubair