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Ankit _
Using JSON in struts2 portlet
February 7, 2013 8:40 PM

Ankit _

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Hi All,

As struts2 feature, we can directly access the Struts2 Action class variable in to jsp if their getter method is there.
My struts.xml file's package statement is below
2<package name="default" namespace="/view" extends="struts-portlet-default">

Its working fine for me till,
but when i use JSON including struts2-json-plugin and for JSON response i just changed my package statement as below
2<package name="default" namespace="/view" extends="struts-portlet-default,json-default">

after appending json-default in my package statement, i can't access all my Action class instance variable in my jsp.
maybe that after appending json-default , it will try to return json format, i am not sure, how can i figure it out ?

Thanks in advance.
sri p
RE: Using JSON in struts2 portlet
July 30, 2014 1:59 PM

sri p

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Hello Ankit,

I am trying to do some ajax validation and trying to extend "json-default" apart from "struts-portlet-default".
But, I am not able to succeed, could you please let me know configurations, if it worked for you ?
I really appreciate your response.

Thank you,