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Asset Framework: Are users part of it?
February 3, 2013 10:02 AM


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I'm making use of the asset framework in my portal and especially the related assets feature. Unfortunately it's impossible to link users to other assets.
However users can be tagged, categorized, you can capture comments on a user which makes me think that they may be somehow part of the asset framework but just filtered out in the Related Assets and Asset Publisher portlets.

Any insight on this?

It would make sense to have users as part of the Asset framework. Think for instance of an education organization, You have classes as a content type or even event, they could be related to a professor and a bunch of students.

Similarly, I think the Dynamic Data Lists would benefit from being part of the Asset Framework. But for that one there is no indication that it may be the case so it would have to be an enhancement / new feature.


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