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Ivan Krnic
Liferay 6.1 + Alfresco 4.x federated search
February 3, 2013 1:19 AM

Ivan Krnic

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Hi everybody,

I need to implement federated search of Alfresco content from Liferay search portlet.

So far I found several references to this functionality (for example but all of them assume deployment of Alfresco Content Portlet. The functionality is based on OpenSearch. The latest version of Alfresco Content Portlet I found is alfresco-content-portlet- Is there a more recent version? And who is actually the owner of this portlet?

My question this: Is the procedure described in the post above (using Alfresco Content Portlet) still the preferred way to implement federated search or is there another way? Has anyone succeeded in implementation of federated search using recent versions of Liferay and Alfresco.