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Wolfgang Joppich
Limitation of 64 ResourceActions
January 31, 2013 5:33 AM

Wolfgang Joppich

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recently we tried to deploy an application in Liferay, which defines about 130 ResourceActions (=Permissions). Well yes, it is a rather big application. Everything went fine, I can see all the ResourceActions in the table with the same name. But then I realized that there is a mathematical overflow in the column BITWISEVALUE after the 64th ResourceAction. Consequently the same BITWISEVALUE is applied to at least two ResourceActions. That just does not work out.
So is there any workaround for the limitation of 64 ResourceActions?
If there is no workaround I would suggest to throw an exception if an application is deployed with more than 64 ResourceActions. Took me a while to find out the reason for the strange behaviour.

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