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Nathan Evans
Changing Web Form Emails "From" Address
January 25, 2013 10:53 AM

Nathan Evans

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Hello Community,

I've been using Liferay for almost 3 years - and for the most part fairly pleased with it.

I have a particular client that wants to avoid customization if it all possible (feels that it makes upgrading a nightmare - a decent point)

This client is running 6.0.12 and wants users on the site to fill out a simple web form - all text fields. However, once the user completes the form and hits "send" - the client wants the "From" field he receives (the portlet is configured to send him an email once form is submitted) to have the email address from the user's email text field - and not from the System.

Essentially - he want the ability to reply directly to these emails and not cut and paste the info out of the email body - a reasonable request.

Is there any possible way to accomplish this without modifying the Liferay webform code? If we upgrade to 6.1 - does anything in that version allow this?

Thank You

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