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Daniele Baggio
LPS-29919, workaround for "Categories Navigation tree doesn't expand"
January 25, 2013 12:27 AM

Daniele Baggio

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Waiting for the solution for that important issue we found a workaround to temporary solve this problem on LF 6.1.1 GA2.
The problem regards alloy treeview but it's possible to fix only the category navigation taglib.

You have to build an hook to patch the jsp:


List<AssetCategory> categoriesChildren = AssetCategoryServiceUtil.getChildCategories(category.getCategoryId(), QueryUtil.ALL_POS, QueryUtil.ALL_POS, null);

sb.append("<li class='aui-tree-node'><span>");

if (categoryId == category.getCategoryId()) {
portletURL.setParameter("categoryId", StringPool.BLANK);

sb.append("<a class=\"tag-selected\" href=\"");

Thank Pier for this solution .

The category navigation will be ok.