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Cesar Quinteiro
How to fill up PayLoad field in UserNotificationEvent
January 22, 2013 4:01 AM

Cesar Quinteiro

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I am able to create a UserNotificationEvent using
1UserNotificationEventLocalServiceUtil.addUserNotificationEvent(userId, "6_WAR_soportlet", timestamp, deliverBy , payload, archived, serviceContext) ;

but I don't know exactly what to put in "payload"

I know that for a ContacPortlet I can use:

1{"title":"<a href=\"http://localhost:8080/c/my_sites/view?groupId=10198&privateLayout=0\">Test Test<\/a> would like to add you as a connection.","requestId":2,"userId":10195,"portletId":"1_WAR_contactsportlet"}

but How I fill is I want to communicate my own portlet? Is there any Doc about this?

Exactly What I want to achieved is that once you get the notification, then you press on it and then open a custom protlet with some params

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