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Brandon Vatcher
Easy Way to Filter Asset Publisher Posts by Group
January 15, 2013 6:52 AM

Brandon Vatcher

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My question is:
I want users to be able create web content in Asset publisher and assign it to be viewable by group "A" only (or any group for that matter). When I log in as group "B" they should not be able to see posts only viewable for group "A","C","D" etc. I have found a way for this to work perfectly by setting document permissions in the control panel, however in the real world implementation where content reviews may or may not be tech savy this will be a problem. I was looking to make a link to my workflow tasks for the content reviews wether by moving it to its own page or just linking straight into the control panel but there is no way for the content reviews to set permissions to these posts from this page. Currently the only way it seems to set permissions to these posts is by jumping throught hoops and searching for it manually in the control panel.

so in short heres my questions

1) Is there a way to move the permission button seen on the posts main control panel page into my workflow task page?

2) Permissions are also available by viewing the post in the control panel so is their a way to change the view link in my workflow tasks to view the main post and not that tiny condensed version it shows by default?

3) Is there an easier way to do what I want to do and i'm just missing something?

*posts - meaning blogs, knowledge base entries, and other asset publisher posts

I thank you all in advance for your time.