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Hitoshi Ozawa
New "Good" and "Bad" icons
January 15, 2013 3:42 AM

Hitoshi Ozawa

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Recent Posts seemed to have "Good" and "Bad" icons to thread posts recently. They probably copied specs from some other sites without thinking too much.

Most people outside Japan do not know this, but we are the leading social behavioral analysis company in Japan. Most of our clients just don't want to install a software but are also interested in end-users actually using it. Now, back to the issue. It's better to just have "Good" without the "Bad". We have found in our studies that end-users feel appreciated when they receive a "Good" but may quite using the forum when they receive several "Bad". That is, if you want to increase number of user and increase participation, it's better to just have "Good". We actually have several of this kinds of "tricks" which have proven to increase traffic and profit.

BTW, this is related to liferay, but I've submitted a session proposal to speak about impact of social differences in off-shore software development at Agile 2013 conference this upcoming August. :-)