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Amit Shukla
problem facing in paginator
January 11, 2013 12:43 AM

Amit Shukla

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Hi all,

I have customized search of document library module.We have provide a extra button called Advance search and it search documents on the basis of business specific

attribute.I am facing a problem on this search iterator is not working.I have used same search container as used by liferay search(search_resource.jsp).

What i am observing that on paginator it always take the keywords that we used in search(liferay 's own search)?

Please any body help me or guide me. What can we do??

where can I get the code for paginator?So that we can no what happens on paginator action.....

Amit Shukla
Tejas Kanani
RE: problem facing in paginator
January 11, 2013 1:17 AM

Tejas Kanani

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Hi Amit,

Check /html/taglib/ui/search_iterator/page.jsp which will be called when you use
1<liferay-ui:search-iterator paginate="<%= false %>" searchContainer="<%= searchContainer %>" type="more" />

And internally it is calling /html/taglib/ui/search_paginator/page.jsp.

Check out both the jsps which might help you identify your issue.


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