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Steven Behne
Portlet Instance - render() is called but site is not reloaded
January 10, 2013 3:39 AM

Steven Behne

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Hi everybody,

in moment im working on a project using the Portlet-Framework. No hooks, no externals.
My Portlet is configured with instanceable=true;
Add: Working with 6.1.1

My problem:
1. Calling processAction() and fire a new Event. (OK)
2. Calling ProcessEvent and save a value in response. (OK)
1response.setRenderParameter("project", value);

3. Calling get the Parameter in Render(override) and Saving the value in Preferences for every Instance(OK)
2prefs.setValue("project", zwerg);;

4. Back to view i do Syso.print with value(works), but the browser is not rendering(Problem)?

 3    PortletPreferences prefs = renderRequest.getPreferences();
 4    String wert = prefs.getValue("project", "Kein Projekt");
 6// code is working, but there is no output on Browser
 7<% if(!wert.equals("Kein Projekt")){%>
 8    Projekt geladen : <%= wert%>
11    Kein Projekt geladen! <%= wert.length()%>

If i understand Portlet 2.0 right, after a ProcessAction and ProcessEvent every Portlet has to render itself. It's running through the render-phase up to the view and then there is no reload. Is there any Attribute, which i have to set for Instances to get this working. Is it an knows issues, or did I forget sth important?

If i reload the site, the content will be displayed fine.

Best Regards