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Abc Defg
How to delete multiple organisations with users?
January 11, 2013 3:47 AM

Abc Defg

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Organizations > select multiple organisations > select Delete
Liferay fails to delete organisations because:
" You have entered invalid data. Please try again. " <- completely useless error message ;)
"You cannot delete organizations that have suborganizations or users. " <- thank you for NOT telling me which organisations from selected ones have problems.

Probably all the organisations have a user associated. I was expecting Liferay to ask "Do you like to remove users association" or something similar, so it can continue with deleting the organisation. Sadly, this is not how Liferay behaves.
So, my question is, how can we delete hundreds of organisations and all the content.
We are stuck with Liferay Portal Community Edition 6.0.5 CE (Bunyan / Build 6005)
Olaf Kock
RE: How to delete multiple organisations with users?
January 11, 2013 6:05 AM

Olaf Kock


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If you're familiar with the API you can use the scripting console, in the Server Administration section of ControlPanel. Careful though: There's no security net. As you're doing destructive work, you might want to have your backup ready.
You can use javascript, groovy etc. for the scripts.