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Rose Walt
Model.setEscapedModel(true) doesn't exist in LR 6.1.1
January 3, 2013 11:20 AM

Rose Walt

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I have an old code that looks like this:

MeetupsEntry model = new MeetupsEntryImpl();

After upgrading the application to LR 6.1.1 I am getting error that setEscapedModel is not supported. What is the functionality/capability (A method or a class..etc) that is replacing this?

A second priority question:

given a functionality f() in LR version < 6, how can we find the replacement of f() in LR version 6 and above?? The API doesn't help. I'm looking for a formal documentation from LR that tells a functionality f() in LR version x is replaced by functionality g() in LR version y.

N.B by functionality I mean Jar, Library, Class, Method, ..etc


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