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Mohammad Danish
Delay in sending back the response by the server
January 3, 2013 4:39 AM

Mohammad Danish

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Hello Experts,
Currently we are having a website named & we are very disappointed with the performance of the website. Except the home page of the website we are pretty satisfied with the performance of the website . But the main problem exists with the homepage only.
I have conducted various test at upon our website and found out that it approximately takes 5 seconds to respond back by the server (Attached screenshot).
I have also attached my file in which i have removed some of the unused filters and enables various options.
I am currently not able to figure out the solution to the same.
Also we are having a heavy use of the web contents so i wanted to get the web contents cached as shown in this post . . I am not able to figure out where should i place these entries.
Please help me out for the same.

Attachments: (2.9k), time taken.png (25.9k), web.xml (50.6k)
Murali Krishna
RE: Delay in sending back the response by the server
January 3, 2013 10:16 PM

Murali Krishna

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Hi Varsha,

This information isn't sufficient..

you need to do bench marking & profiling for making your environment first. Post the server details, DB server details, ndb server configuration , JVM configuration, no.of pages on the server.

Their are plenty of tools available on on free to test the server performance.. J console, app dynamics, etc.


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