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Manuel Felipe Lopez
problem with numbers in screen_name field
January 7, 2009 5:51 AM

Manuel Felipe Lopez

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I am trying to integrate Liferay with LDAP authentication in a active domain. A problem arises when liferay try import users becuase all the users names in the domain has numbers and the default policy for screen_name within Liferay not allow the use any diferent from letters and dots. Reading the forum I found that this behavior could be disable activating the "liberal" validator adding this to = false =

However, when i restart tomcat to see if it works, I get a message telling me that the class is not found:

1ERROR [InstancePool: 60] Unable to load, with the portal class loader or the current context class loader

looking at the api for Liferay 5.12(the version I am using) i found the class is there:

could someone help me with this?

Juan Gonzalez
RE: problem with numbers in screen_name field
January 7, 2009 7:44 AM

Juan Gonzalez

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I answered you in the Liferay spanish forum category.