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Mike Ring
Portlet Classloading Problem
November 28, 2012 2:45 PM

Mike Ring

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This is a problem I've been having in a few forms now. I am upgrading a custom portlet from 5.2.3 CE to 6.1.2 EE. The portlet uses spring MVC and hibernate, though not the Liferay ServiceBuilder (for now).
Ever since attempting to deploy, I've been getting a classloading problem. The relevant part of the one that's got me stuck is here:

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot convert value of type [org.hibernate.impl.SessionFactoryImpl] to required type [org.hibernate.SessionFactory] for property 'sessionFactory': no matching editors or conversion strategy found
at org.springframework.beans.TypeConverterDelegate.convertIfNecessary(
at org.springframework.beans.BeanWrapperImpl.convertIfNecessary(
... 44 more

I have a single copy of the hibernate3.jar file in my portlet lib, and a single copy in my portal lib, and moving that to the tomcat/lib directory doesn't do anything. I don't deploy my Liferay as the ROOT tomcat app because my server people don't allow for it. I build my portlet with the SDK and load jar files with the file, so it's not like there's a versioning issue between the portlet and Liferay.

After reading this article: I separated my spring contexts into two files, one loaded by and the other in the web.xml, which didn't work. I've also re-ordered the listeners in my web.xml file after Liferay has deployed the portlet, after seeing this article:

I'm stumped. Any ideas?
Prakash Khanchandani
RE: Portlet Classloading Problem
April 26, 2014 5:16 AM

Prakash Khanchandani

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Did you manage to solve it?