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narendar b
Add user from control pannel by administrator
November 23, 2012 2:50 AM

narendar b

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We have developed a hook and overridden create_account.jsp added few new fields(Here we are not using custom fields functionality of liferay due to some reasons).

We are using service builder to create a new table in the database which stores all the user information(including predefined and custom-defined fields). For this we have created an EXT plug in and overridden the class.

User updation also done(i.e. after logging into his account) by overriding edit_user.jsp and details.jsp(extra fields added here also) in hook and class in EXT.

Now the problem is to create an user by an administrator. Here when administrator saves the user details then which action class would be called.

I have written SOP(System.out.println())'s in Overridden class but the control is not going to processAction method of this class.

Now our aim is to save user details in a table generated by service-builder overring the action class.

On clicking save button in the attached image then which class would be called and what is flow of exection.

Please suggest me how to proceed with this issue.


Attachments: bottomPage.JPG (116.2k), topPage.JPG (142.8k)