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anil kottam
Navigation issues with CAS
November 21, 2012 9:42 PM

anil kottam

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We have recently configured CAS and integrated it with Liferay Application. We have also created some micro sites for our Organisation.We have Apache on the front end using the modules mod_proxy and mod_rewrite. CAS is working fine and we have configured single sign on with CAS but the problem is whenever we are logging to our all micro sites after CAS login it is reverting back to the Parent domain.

for example :
let us say our parent domain is and our micro sites are like ..etc
When ever we are loging in to domains like or after cas login we are getting the home page of

The same kind of configuration works perfectly well in case of our UAT environment but we don't have apache running on it.
Any ideas will be much appreciated.


Anil kotam

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