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Jay Snider
Struts2-Hibernate Portlet
December 18, 2008 8:06 AM

Jay Snider

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I downloaded an example struts2-hibernate web application from and I want to turn the app into a portlet, which I have done (added portlet.xml, etc...). The portlet deploys (I'm using LR 5.1.2) and I can add the portlet to my page. The portlet displays, but not correctly. During rendering there are lots of errors thrown in the logs and in the portlet everything that should be links display as static text. The logs show lots of errors pointing to Freemarker. Is there a properties file or setting that I need to add to correct this? Freemarker-2.3.8.jar is included in my referenced libraries and this application works as a stand-alone application. I've attached my modified war file for reference... Any ideas?

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Banji O
RE: Struts2-Hibernate Portlet
December 18, 2008 8:12 AM

Banji O

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I suggest that you download the sample-hibernate-portlet and the sample-struts-portlet from Liferay and merge them. Just my own opinion emoticon

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