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Alex Curtui
Detach Event
November 20, 2012 10:48 PM

Alex Curtui

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Please help me with this problem:
I'm trying to update a liferay-ui:search-container through AJAX and not submitting. Everything works fine until now, when I'm trying to detach the onchange event from the dropdown which displays delta (items on page).

I tried with this code:"#<portlet:namespace/>userInterfacesSearchContainerPageIteratorBottom_itemsPerPage").on("change", function(event){
2        event.halt();
3    });

but doesn't work, so now I'm trying with
1var node ="#<portlet:namespace/>userInterfacesSearchContainerPageIteratorBottom_itemsPerPage");
2    alert(node.detach());

which still fails...

It may be a simple answer, but I struggled for more than 4 hours with no result, so Please help!

Thank you in advance,
Alex C.

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