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Mitko Zafirovski
Integration of Liferay CEv6.0.6 with GWT v2.5.0 and maven
November 20, 2012 1:59 AM

Mitko Zafirovski

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Hello all,
I have a very big problem when trying to integrate liferay + gwt using maven. From what i saw on this forum i couldn't find any guide that could help me out with this so i tried on my own. By the looks of it it was really straight forward by following couple of tutorials.
Create a liferay portlet (using a maven archetype) i had some twigs to the portlet mainly using a dispatcher portlet instead of MVCPortlet (but thats not in the scope of this article) etc. Then i followed a normal GWT patern (tried both using a div and iframe) crated the entry point and tried to run it. In the pom of the portlet i added the following execution:
 1  <plugin>
 2                                <groupId>org.codehaus.mojo</groupId>
 3                                <artifactId>gwt-maven-plugin</artifactId>
 4                                <version>2.5.0</version>
 5                                <executions>
 6                                <execution>
 8                                    <goals>
 9                                    <goal>compile</goal>
10                                    </goals>
11                                </execution>
12                                </executions>
13                            </plugin>

I run the build and everything was ok.
The plugin created all the necessary js,html files and placed them in the application/gwt-name folder.
When i place the portlet on the page i received an empty div and the main reason is this. In the nocache.js where the css and html created by gwt were called i recived a Internal Server Error. After looking around a bit for the css part (standard.css) the gwt was calling it plain with out a minifierType and this is what it was causing the problem. But for one of the generated html i can not find a way to invoke it.

Is there any other specific way how i can integrate this three things, or if anyone have managed to make them work together to give me some hints.

Thanks in advance

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