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Aldo De Vleeschauwer
Liferay on Tomcat with sessions disabled
November 19, 2012 7:01 AM

Aldo De Vleeschauwer

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I have configured Liferay to run in "stateless" mode, i.e. with sessions disabled.

Now I can no longer perform any "edit" actions (using p_auth parameter). This means that I cannot use "auth.token.check.enabled=true" as this apparently only works when there is an active session.

When I set it to "auth.token.check.enabled=false", I can again perform "edit" actions but I never see any "feedback" messages like "Your request completed successfully.".

Now, I can see why all this is happening but it makes the "stateless" mode quite useless.

Has anyone had the same issues ? Or can someone shed some light on this ?

- Aldo -

P.S. I tested all this using the "My Account" portlet.

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