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Abhed Dekavadiya
Workaround for Liferay IDE plugin + JBoss runtime
November 21, 2012 12:52 PM

Abhed Dekavadiya

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Recently, I had a requirement to have JBoss as runtime for Liferay development.
The complete environment is as below:
- JBoss Application Server 7.1
- Liferay CE 6.1.1, deployed as a war on JBoss AS
- JBoss Developer Studio 5

As Liferay IDE plugin doesn't support JBoss as runtime, I tried a workaround and it's working fine.

I request Liferay IDE project's team to provide their comment, if they see any issues with this workaround.
Summary of workaround is: Use tomcat runtime as a dummy and configure JBoss in the build properties.

Below are detailed steps for this workaround:
1. Deployed (plain) JBoss AS 7.1
2. Deployed liferay-cd-6.1.1 war on JBoss AS 7.1, following a few other steps. This is working fine.
3. Configured JBoss AS 7.1 as a normal runtime (preferences -> server). [If you are using Liferay-JBoss bundle then ignore steps 1-3.]
4. Installed Liferay IDE 1.6 on JBoss Developer Studio using update site.
5. Downloaded liferay-tomcat-ce-6.1.1 bundle and configured this tomcat as Liferay runtime on JBoss Developer Studio. [The tomcat bundle is used just as a dummy].
6. Configured liferay SDK on JBoss Developer Studio.
7. Created a new test/sample plugin selecting tomcat as liferay runtime.
8. After creating the new plugin, Liferay IDE will create the file in SDK. This properties file have path for tomcat bundle.
9. I modified this build properties file to point to JBoss AS. Below is how my file look like.
 2   #
 3    # Specify the paths to an unzipped JBoss bundle.
 4    #
 5    app.server.type=jboss
 6    app.server.dir=G:/Batch2/project/runtime/liferay-portal-6.1.1-ce-ga2/jboss-7.1.1
 7    app.server.deploy.dir=${app.server.dir}/standalone/deployments
 9    app.server.portal.dir=${app.server.dir}/standalone/deployments/ROOT.war

10. Again create a new plugin from JBoss Developer Stuido selecting tomcat as runtime, it will display a message that "User build properties is not synchronized.......". Select the checkbox and click "No" in this message box. This is will make sure that it won't change your build properties back to tomcat again.
11. Add JBoss server instance (as configured in step-4) on JBoss Developer studio and start the server.
12. Deploy the plugin and it will be deployed on JBoss emoticon

Liferay IDE doesn't have support for JBoss AS as normal server/runtime also. So if you are not using JBoss Developer Studio, then you can use other Eclipse IDE which supports JBoss AS.
If you are using Liferay-JBoss bundle then ignore steps 1-3.

Abhed Dekavadiya
Hitoshi Ozawa
RE: Workaround for Liferay IDE plugin + JBoss runtime
November 21, 2012 1:42 PM

Hitoshi Ozawa

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Thanks for the information. Wouldn't have thought of using JBoss Developer Studio even though I localized it and have it in my pc.

We're using JBoss by default and this would really make it easier to develop and test. emoticon
Hussain Shaikh
RE: Workaround for Liferay IDE plugin + JBoss runtime
December 21, 2016 7:10 AM

Hussain Shaikh

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The message

"User build properties is not synchronized......."

I said "Yes" to it.
Now my getting changed to tomcat.
Is there a way to undo it?
Yanan Yuan
RE: Workaround for Liferay IDE plugin + JBoss runtime
January 3, 2017 8:02 PM

Yanan Yuan


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Hello Hussain,

Are you using JBoss Developer Studio or Liferay DS? I'm afraid it might not undo. But the following steps should be helpful.

On IDE 1.6, you can change your manually then set Never update according to the following steps:
1. go to Windows > Preferences > Liferay > Installed Plugin SDKs:
2. set Update "" before SDK is used to Never > OK
Otherwise, it will set to tomcat once creating a plugin project.

A good news is that we support adding Jboss EAP by setting Liferay 7.x server on IDE/LDS 3.0 or greater. It only allows one SDK per eclipse workspace. And users must have configured before creating a plugin project. Which means it won't change to tomcat every time.

You can see the release announcement here for more details:

Please feel free to let us know if there is anything.