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Reshmi Suresh
Event Exported from Liferay Calendar is displaying inline HTML tags.
November 8, 2012 2:44 PM

Reshmi Suresh

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The Calendar event exported as ics file is displaying the html tags instead of rendering the formatting. For example, if I add an image in the event description, the ics file will show the tag below in the place of the image.

1<img alt=”” src=”/documents/10191/64602/image.jpg/f53668b7-a0a0-41e0-93ad-8a32b358596f?t=1351869763452” style=”width: 180px; height: 135px; “ />

I tried it with Outlook and Google Calendar, both displayed the tags. Our users asked for the ability to use WYSIWYG editor to add images and formatted text to the event, so the workaround to enable the simple editor through portal property would not work for us. It would be great to keep the rich text editor for calendar and also have the exported events show the formatted text in Outlook.

An improvement request is created for this issue - LPS-30912
Please vote if you think this improvement is something you would like to have in Liferay.