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Abhi Ed
loading portlet in specific order
November 6, 2012 3:57 AM

Abhi Ed

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hello friends ,
I have requirement that after login I want to load a specific portlet at first followed by webcontents and other portlets.
For this I have modified the liferay-portlet.xml by the code <render-weight>0</render-weight> for that portlet .
But still other portlets are getting loaded first.
Any suggestions ?
Samuel Kong
RE: loading portlet in specific order
November 6, 2012 11:01 PM

Samuel Kong


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You probably don't want to set the weight to zero. Try setting the weight to 1 and making sure all other portlets on the page have a weight greater than 1.

From liferay-portlet-app_6_2_0.dtd
The default value of render-weight is 1. If set to a value less than 1, the
portlet is rendered in parallel. If set to a value of 1 or greater, then the
portlet is rendered serially. Portlets with a greater render weight have greater
priority and will be rendered before portlets with a lower render weight.

If the ajaxable value is set to false, then render-weight is always set to 1
if it is set to a value less than 1. This means ajaxable can override
render-weight if ajaxable is set to false.

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