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Dharini Rajendran
> symbol changes to >
November 5, 2012 11:51 PM

Dharini Rajendran

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I have this issue in tabbed container component i have in my application. The issue is, i wanna give title to the component as " APR/Lease Contracts> Max Advance Amount Crosstabs ".
It looks fine at first, but after i refresh my page , it changes to " APR/Lease Contracts> Max Advance Amount Crosstabs "

I think this is because ">" is one of the HTML reserved characters.
I looked at portlet.vm & i found this code in it.

<div class="portlet" id="portlet-wrapper-$portlet_id">
<div class="portlet-topper">
<span class="portlet-title">
$theme.iconPortlet() $portlet_title

<div class="portlet-icons" id="portlet-small-icon-bar_$portlet_id">
#if ($portlet_display.isShowBackIcon())
<a href="$portlet_back_url" class="portlet-icon-back">#language ("return-to-full-page")</a>

I am stuck here.. I am not sure what change here would resolve the issue.. Can u suggest how this issue can be fixed?

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