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Jordi Buendia
Way the pages load with aui-paginator
October 30, 2012 10:05 AM

Jordi Buendia

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Hi all,

I want to implement a paginator in wich a configurable number of results appear. The liferay search-container isn't very useful for me because I would have to remake all the look&feel considering I want the results to be displayed more or less like the Google search results are displayed, and it perhaps doesn't make sense to use a search container for it.
I have been thinking in the the liferay paginator that would be a better starting point for customize its look&feel.

The point is that there can be huge number of results and I mustn't load all of them when the paginator loads. It seems like all the paginator pages have to be loaded since the begining: haven't they? I have been looking the API and there is a slight doubt about if the function changeRequest is used to load the pages or to change them once they have been loaded.

If any of you guys can tell me if there is a way of using the alloy paginator loading the pages dynamically, it would be great for me



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