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dominick campbell
Eclipse Indigo, Icefaces3, Liferay IDE 1.6
October 24, 2012 6:02 AM

dominick campbell

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Hey everyone

I am trying to develop a new portlet with eclipse indigo, icefaces 3, liferay IDE 1.6 for eclipse and liferay sdk 6.1.1

I created a new liferay portlet in eclipse with icefaces 3 but I am noticing that some of the icefaces components do not work.
For instance valueChangeListener on any ice: tag will not work as well as toggleOnClick for ice:panelCollapsible

Here is the list of jar files liferay IDE deployed into my new project

The project builds and loads without error but some tag properties do not work
 2<f:view xmlns=""
 3        xmlns:ace=""
 4        xmlns:ice=""
 5        xmlns:c=""
 6        xmlns:f=""
 7        xmlns:h=""
 8        xmlns:icecore=""
 9        xmlns:ui=""
11<h:head />
14<ice:panelCollapsible expanded="true" toggleOnClick="true">
15    <f:facet name="header">
16        <ice:outputText value="Organizations" />
17    </f:facet>
18    <ice:panelGroup>
19         <ice:selectOneMenu partialSubmit="true" valueChangeListener="#{HelpdeskBean.changeOrganization}">
20             <ice:selectItems value="#{HelpdeskBean.organizationList}"/>
21         </ice:selectOneMenu>

 2public class HelpdeskBean extends FMSStandardModel {
 6    /* aux functionality begin */
 7    public void changeOrganization(ValueChangeEvent event) {
 8System.err.println("xxx : changeorganization(event)");
 9        selectedOrganization = (Organization) event.getNewValue();
10        loadUserData();
11    }

Is there an eclipse indigo, icefaces 3, iferay ide 1.6, liferay sdk 6.1.1 tutorial out there with examples of how to setup portlets in eclipse. The themes work great with no issues, but the portlets do not seem to fully work with icefaces, and creating an ext hook will actually error out and delete the entire liferay sdk (and any work you may have saved in there). I think that these are bugs but i cannot find on the liferay site an actual step by step tutorial that also uses more complex attributes such as the valuechangelistener

Neil Griffin
RE: Eclipse Indigo, Icefaces3, Liferay IDE 1.6
October 30, 2012 10:23 AM

Neil Griffin


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In order to use the ice: components you would have to include the icefaces-compat.jar artifact in the WEB-INF/lib folder of your portlet WAR.

You would also have to add the following namespace to your Facelet view:


We don't have a tutorial in place yet, but we do have a variety of working demos that you can follow as a pattern. In this case I would recommend the icefaces3-compat-portlet demo.