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lutz Bremen
Theme doesn't load after virtual host is set in site
October 11, 2012 8:20 AM

lutz Bremen

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Hey guys,

i got a problem with my sites/ themes.

i have a portal (6.1.1) with 7 sites. every site should have an own adress where it is reachable.

site abc should be reachable under if i set the domainforwarding (http forwarding) from to IP/web/abc then i am forwarded to the right page and everything is shown right, execpt for the URL. it switches from to IP/web/abc.

when i use domainforwarding (frame forwarding) then the site loads but the adress never changes. even if i click on a link to another site like /def it is still

now i added the adress in the site-settings as the virtual host for the public sites and used the http forwarding for it. now the site doesn't load my theme. it looks like its the styled or unstyled theme.

now my question is why it isn't loading any theme. what am i doing wrong? is there any further setting?

thanks in advance

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