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James Denmark
Virtual Pages for Teams
October 10, 2012 12:00 PM

James Denmark

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We are using the usergroup pages feature in 6.1 that enables the user sites to have 'virtual' pages rather than copying the user group pages into the personal site. This feature is awesome for evolving user landing pages over time and reducing redundant layouts.

We would like to see this exact same implementation for teams in sites such that if you create a team, you can link it to a virtual layout set that the user would see if they were a member of that team. We make extensive use of teams (200 - 400 per site) to group members of a community and to secure pages and assets to these teams. It would be great to have the same virtual page option rather than copying in a set of layouts for each new team and creating much larger site page inventories than are necessary as each team has a common set of layouts.

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