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Amij Pate
Liferay Loading YUI Gallery modules from
October 10, 2012 2:34 AM

Amij Pate

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YUI maintains group wise modules like "gallery" and "yui2", each group has its own configuration like pattern,base URL and combine URL which are used to load Modules.

When I try to load "gallery-slideshow-base" , it passed pattern test of "gallery" group and load "gallery-slideshow-base" module from as per gallery configuration.

As per the documentation of YUI , we can override or provide module configuration in YUI_config or YUI(<config>) as shown below.
Though I mentioned in config that "gallery-slideshow-base" module should load from Theme ("fullpath" in config), Liferay/YUI loads it from

Is it the proper way to override/provide module config or is there any other best way in Liferay?

 4                          'gallery-slideshow-base': {
 5                                           fullpath:"/test-theme/js/gallery/gallery-slideshow-base.js",
 6                                           requires:  ['node', 'event', 'widget']
 7                          }
 8               }
11} ) ;