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Valentin :-)
I need some help with Alerts/Announcements/Notifications
October 10, 2012 1:04 AM

Valentin :-)

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Hello everyone,

i do have a problem i am not aware of, but may be one of you can give me a helping hand.
i am pretty new to liferay, such that i have come to a point where i do not really know how to achieve my idea.
Just in case no one else did this befor.

My problem:

i our company we have a pretty high amount of informations flighing around (alerts, notifications about new opportunities, ....).
This leads to the point where the user is bored of all the information they should read and they ignore them. Now we thought of a system to priorisie the
messages and give them a specific type of "receiving". I have googled, read, talk to every one but no one can give me a hint howto provide that functionallity.

1. How can i create more alert/announcement types (like listed below)
2. and add a specific alert to the message/behavior.

Specific alert e.g.
- none -- nothing happens the messeage is just shown in the announcement box
- popup -- inform the user that there is a important message they should be interessed in (show the text in the popup/ or a link to the content)
- confirm -- a popup message with the announcement and they have to acknowledge /(e.g. checkbox) that they have read the message. AND this must be a "U HAVE TO READ AND ACCEPT BEFORE U CAN DO ANYTHING ELSE" - blocking popup. In case the page is closed without confirmation the popup must pop again if the user logs back in.

thanks for any help/idea or what ever,