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Guenter Nobody
You wanna have this ?
October 9, 2012 1:43 PM

Guenter Nobody

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after months of pain we could finally finish a cool project, using on Liferay as base.

This here is a mashup of our original "XApp-Studio". People seem to be quite happy about.

However, there are more target platforms(tablets,hybrid), visual interfaces and SDKs in the queue or almost finish.

As we are new to Liferay, we need to ask you a few things before polishing it for Liferay public domain (not free!) :

What's the optimal structure we need to support in our app builder ?

IE.: in plain programmer language : 1:n Organizations with 1:n sites = Nr. of apps ?

Which portlets you need : calendar, document library ,... ?

The entire "Quick-Xapp" story consists out of a Liferay portlet for server stuff and the entire UI is done in a 100% Dojo app (really 100%). How much source code do you need of that for your purpose ?

any thoughts are welcome, we're going on in the meantime, as always emoticon

salute, guenter

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