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suresh vadlamudi
How to Upgrade Liferay6.1.10 GA1 EE to 6.1.20 GA2 EE with out data loss
September 26, 2012 10:01 PM

suresh vadlamudi

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Hi All,

Here are the steps which i am following to upgrade from Liferay6.1.10 GA1 EE to Liferay 6.1.20

1.I have taken liferay latest and unziped and started the server (pointed to existing lportal which is of GA1)
2. Kept the license into deploy folder
3.And i added setup.wizard.enabled=false in file(to avoid theme probelm)
4.Now every thing is working fine is up

But as per DB thr are some observations

As per the comparison which i did with the GA1 lportal and GA2 these are the tables which are got changed

1. AssetCategory(Index key added)
2. Blog Entry(Index key added)
3. DLFileVersion(Index key added)
4. Layout(Index key added)
5. MDRRuleGroupInstance(Index key added)
6. Region(Index key added)
7. Release_(Added New column called status)
8. SCProductVersion(Index key added)
9. User_(Index key added)

But when i do the above mentioned process for making liferay GA2 setup (by pointing to GA1 lportal) it is updating only Release_ table and it automatically updated the version and new column called status also added.But remaining tables it is not able to update the latest chanegs ...i mean index keys are not coming.

Could you please guide me how do i update the remaining tables?
Is thr any impact if the index keys are not updated?


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