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Peter Kowski
Optimising the design of structures
September 26, 2012 1:44 AM

Peter Kowski

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I am trying to clean up an existing site that uses a very large structure that causes all sorts of performance related issues. Apart from just being slow, content creators are constantly reporting that they get an error saying that the script has become unresponsive. Sometimes whilst editing a particular web content, only half of the fields get loaded on the render of the admin layer. These problems might well be related to insufficient memory or poor performance of their terminals but I also think there may be an underlying issue of what is a safe (and feasable) upper limit for the size of a structure.

The particular web content only holds various paragraphs of an article, but the structure has got over complicated because each paragraph can contain various options of subtitles, images, highlight boxes, quote boxes etc. The developer has created an extensive structure so that the content creator only writes content into the field corresponding to its format or location on a page. The aim was to give the rendered article a normalised L&F. What happens is that for any particular WC,the majority of the fields in the structure are always vacant. What has resulted is a huge beast of a structure that might seem logical, but is frankly quite unusable and unstable within the confines of our liferay installation.

I find it quite strange that our liferay can not efficiently handle a large structure (this particular one has 340 lines of XML code). Can someone provide me with some guidelines as to what is considered a safe upper limit of a structure or any other tips as to how one can design an efficient structure for an article. Thank you for your suggestions.