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Michal R
Mysterious Dynamic Data Lists' Update permission
September 24, 2012 4:40 AM

Michal R

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I want regular users to be able create/update/delete records in Dynamic Data Lists that are defined by someone else (e.g. Administrators). At the same time I do NOT want them to be able to edit the definitions of those Dynamic Data Lists, i.e. add/delete columns etc.

I don't seem to able to accomplish this. As soon as the regular user is granted the "Update" permission on the specific DDL, he is able to "switch" the Data Definition of the Dynamic Data List by simply selecting another Data Definition and saving the Dynamic Data List. Apart from switching the Data Definition, this has the unfortunate effect of "dropping" all the records in the given DDL. Not good.

I might prevent this indirectly by hiding all Data Definitions from regular users and forbidding them to create new Data Definitions. In this way, if they attempt to switch the Data Definition, they won't have any other Data Definition to choose from. This however is not an option in my scenario, as the users must be able to create their own DDLs and Data Definitions.

So, is there a magic combination of permissions that accomplishes one without the other or is this a peculiar design of DDL permissioning that ties editing content and definition together?

I'm using 6.1.1 CE GA2.