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Jim Miller
Having trouble with document preview for non-PDF files in EE 6.1.20
September 20, 2012 5:18 PM

Jim Miller

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I've uploaded PDF, HTML, .doc, .docx, and .txt into the Documents and Media portlet. Preview for the file types other than PDF isn't working. I've configured Liferay 6.1.20 EE to use LibreOffice for conversion and have enabled ImageMagick. This is running on Windows 7. I've added the following lines to

imagemagick.enabled=true\\Program Files\\ImageMagick-6.7.9-Q16;C:\\Windows\Fonts

OpenOffice integration and ImageMagick are both showing as enabled in the Server Administration->External Services tab. The links and icons for the converted files show up in the page that appears when I click on a doc in the Documents and Media portlet. The PDF from that link looks very good most of the time; however, no preview shows up for non-PDF files. Prior to enabling ImageMagick I was able to get some previews for non-PDF documents, but the text was garbled.

More Info:
Upload txt/doc/html with ImageMagick disabled, preview works, but the text is garbled.
Upload txt/doc/html with ImageMagick enabled, no preview at all.
Upload non-PDF with ImageMagick disabled, then enable ImageMagick, preview shows up but is garbled.

I would appreciate any help someone can provide in getting preview with ImageMagick working, especially for .doc and .html files. I'm guessing I must have ImageMagick configured incorrectly, but I don't know of a way to test the configuration. I don't see anything in the server log saying there is a problem with it.