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Aaron Paxson
How to find "A Friend" easily?
September 4, 2012 8:08 AM

Aaron Paxson

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So, Liferay has social networking portlets. Great! This really isn't anything new. It's just matured of the last couple of years.

My question is this..... after all the maturity, has Liferay done anything to help with finding friends on the site? At this time, I can only do it with a URL (i.e. A friend copies his public page URL and sends it to a friend). Each person gets a public site which is assigned to the group. On this template, is the Summary portlet.

You would think by clicking their name in the site, it would direct you to their public page. But, it just filters the current portlet you are in.

The directory does not help, as it will only give you the details of the user (First Name, Last, birthday, etc).

There was a portlet out there that allowed you to friend people which was an enhancement to the directory, but it has seemed to be removed? The "Search and Invite Friends" portlet:

Anyone have thoughts? How do you get around the "Find-a-Friend" challenge?