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Guenter Nobody
Beginner Question : How to store multi tenant content structures ?
August 28, 2012 3:21 AM

Guenter Nobody

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we're doing a sort of Mobile-App-Builder which enables people to create own content. We have articles, events, venues and shopping items. All of them are based on the JournalArticle(WebContent) and use Liferay's structure facility for custom fields(price,geo,...). Now we'd enable those app creators to group this content by using the AssetCategory object.

The question is rather whether this way is correct ? Because the categories need to be mapped to a Vocabulary object first and in the admin interface there is no good way to administrate user's categories later (ie: list by user).

I need to mention that we added an own Dojo-App for the users to manage their content in a full Ajax app, so basically we don't use Liferay portlets at all but that may change later as we'd like to offer those app creators also a web-presence.

Or you would store this else ?

Another problem is that we'd like add a "social space" to the apps. That means that app creators may allow sign-ups and social connects. Those "sub-users" should have then walls, shouts and profiles.

I am totally in the dark how to map this in Liferay. Should I rather create an site/organization per user/app ? I am not sure how this is impacting performance and stability or admin tasks. It must stand at least 100.000 apps in one Liferay instance.

Oh, we also consider to publish this app-builder(s) as portlet for Liferay users/customers.

Well, any comment is welcome !
Thank you !