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Bali Moh
Kaleo Form/ Initial Form
August 22, 2012 9:19 AM

Bali Moh

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I am new to Liferay and I have a problem when using the 'kaleo form'. When creating a new process, I have to choose an 'initial form' and this is where I have a problem. Even adding a new original form, by filling all the boxes, when I want to save, it does not work and it does not even display an error message.
Everything they say in the link is: "Initial Form: You can customize the display of the Entry Form Definition With The Inital. This Can include things like Adding Pagination or Altering Some Other feature display."
What I don't understand is what I must do to do that? Because on the page of creation, it has the 'name' and 'subscription' to fill, nothing more.

If any suggestions Their are, please let me know.