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Marina Ra
primKeys in link URLs
July 30, 2012 12:16 AM

Marina Ra

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Good morning!

first off: I´m not a developer and this is probably the wrong place here but I didn´t receive any answers from the general forums and I´m quite desperate by now.

Here´s my problem(s):

I am creating a knowledge base on a testportal which is by now already filled with images and articles and ready to be exported to the running site. Most articles have internal links to other articles of my KB (for convenient browsing). This all works well on my local site but when I export/import it to the running site all my internal links are broken because they receive a new primKey which is contained in the URL. I pretty much tried every available export option by now and am pretty clueless.
There´s no way to link articles by browsing the server (like it is for images) or is there? So I just copy/pasted the absolute URL of the target article.
In general this also applies for the images (if I upload them to another group than 10180 it won´t work on the live-site) but that can be fixed by simply putting all the images into said group folder.
My biggest problem are the broken links :-( hope someone of you is able to help me with this and sorry for posting noobish questions here.

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