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Sreeraj AV
Friendly URLs are not working when using User Group Page temaplets.
July 18, 2012 12:56 AM

Sreeraj AV

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I have created a site template called "User Pages"and added two pages called "My Home" and "My Google".
then I have created a user group called "User" and configured its private page site template with "User Pages" site template
Then I have added this new User group, "User" in "Default User Associations".
I have logged in as test user again and deleted the welcome page from private pages.

The problem is in the browser url box i'm getting a strange url http://localhost:8080/user/test/~/10510/my-home instead of http://localhost:8080/user/test/my-home

and if i type http://localhost:8080/user/test/my-home url manually i'm getting "Not Found" Error message. This message is also coming when i'm clicking on the user name link from the breadcrumb or use URL like http://localhost:8080/user/test .

Is this a bug or liferay feature??





Attachments: 1 Site Template.png (43.7k), 2 User Group Configuration.png (31.1k), 3 Associations.png (36.3k), 4 user personal pages.png (75.4k), 5 Error.png (48.3k)

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