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James Falkner
2012 Liferay Community Contributor Awards: Q2
July 11, 2012 1:02 PM

James Falkner

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I'm happy to announce the winners of this quarter's Liferay Community Contributor Awards! Jelmer, Tejas, and Amit have done us all a great service the last 3 months and should be commended for their contributions. You can read about their details on the Contributor Awards page. And in addition, Tejas has won the random raffle for free training, free symposium passes, or free cash!

Check out this thread for details on the program, and I am really happy to say that the level of contributions at least on the forums seems to be picking up (I generated some stats a month or so ago, and it looks very promising, I will publish these soon). Next up, we're going to tackle the flattening level of actual code contributions (and improve how we shepherd such contributions into the Liferay source). But again, a big thanks to all of you who are active in the community, I guarantee you it is appreciated, and I'm always looking at ways to keep the big boat moving in the right direction. Cheers!