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Milen Dyankov - Sign In via OpenID
June 28, 2012 12:40 AM

Milen Dyankov

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Has anyone experienced recently any issues with signing it to via OpenID?

I've been using this authentication approach for the last few years without problems. But recently (for a couple of months) I'm quite often getting
You have entered invalid data. Please try again.
An error occurred while communicating with the OpenID provider.

At the same time, using the exact same OpenID (copy/paste) I'm able to log in to other sites (for example SourceForge). I wander if it's just me or it happens to others as well?

Unfortunately I can't find any pattern (tried to clean my browser's cache and cookies and use different browsers) that will allow to easily reproduce this. It just sometimes works fine and sometimes does not. Sometimes it's a back to normal a few minutes/hours after it fails and sometimes I can't use OpenID for a couple of days.

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