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Frank Yu
How to link a Journal article to Document Library or Image Gallery folder?
October 13, 2008 3:38 PM

Frank Yu

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I can use one of the following two ways to include a link to a document from Document Library or an image from Image Gallery in Journal portlet:

a). add a row to include a document or image the definition of Structure, or
b). use FckEditor to insert a link to a document or image when article is added or edited (Insert/Edit Link > Browse Server > Select Document or Image in Resource Type > browse to select a document or image)

Either way, I can select one individual document or image at a time. Please let me know if or how I can select a whole folder or subfolder of documents or images so that I can build a relationship between an article and multiple such files at a time.

I could insert a link to the URL of a folder. However, this means that a user has to manually copy the URL in the folder properties in Document Library or Image Gallery portlet and paste it in a Journal article. It is neither convenient nor user friendly, especially for portal users without computer background.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or solutions!